What does the association stand for?

The TUM Management Alumni e.V. is an association that facilitates and promotes interaction between students, faculty, and alumni of the School of Management at the Technical University of Munich. The association aims to make it easier for students to begin their careers and promotes partnerships between industry professionals and TUM researchers/staff. The association also serves to increase the appreciation of the TUM's technology-oriented business education throughout society and the business industry. Furthermore, the association pursues charitable purposes and is primarily financed by sponsorships and donations. The association supports collaboration between graduates, faculty members, and students by organizing academic or practice-oriented events. The Alumni Association works together with like-minded organizations and companies to award prizes, in addition to scholarships.

Short and sweet

Our core goals

  • Purpose:
    Promotion of science, research, education and vocational training as well as student assistance in the field of economics at the TU Munich.
  • Networking:
    Enabling and promoting professional and private contact between graduates, students and members of the economics faculty at the TU Munich.
  • Events:
    Organization of scientific and practice-oriented events, conferences and seminars to promote the exchange of experiences and collaboration.

Our Values

We greatly value and consider the following points when creating concepts and planning events.

Knowledge Exchange

Personal development, lively exchange of experiences: we provide inspiration for new paths.

Career opportunities

Individual qualifications, career events, job advertisements: we promote your career.

Network Building

Regional, national, international: We network students, alumni and corporate partners professionally and personally.


Reliability, quality and community: that's why we're on a first-name basis.


Tolerance, diversity and cultural openness: we meet at eye level.


Data protection, commitment, quality assurance: we keep our promise.

Get to know our team.

Tina Schuessler


Leah Dunkelman

Event Manager

Vanessa Lin

Event Manager

Beatrix Rein

Event Manager

Patricia Norum


Sophia Schmerbeck

Marketing & Events

Ahmet Cem Cağatay

Marketing & Events

Nicholas Marker

Web developer, photographer & videographer

Our board members.

Prof. Dr. Gunther Friedl

Chairman of the Board of TUM Management Alumni e.V.

Uwe Heinrich

Secretary / Deputy Chairman TUM Management Alumni e.V.

Stephen Weiss

Treasurer / Deputy Chairman TUM Management Alumni e.V.

Bernhard Kraus

Board Member

Dr. Mike Steinmetz

Board Member

Silja Woehrle

Board Member

Michael Krauss

Co-opted Board Member

Philip Ide

Co-opted Board Member

Dr. Norbert May

Co-opted Board Member

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