Networking is key to a successful career in the business world. Especially in the early stages, building personal contacts can be essential to get the first foot in the door of big companies and future employers. Therefore, creating a professional network is one of the biggest goals of TUM School of Management Alumni e.V. The association continuously organizes events and seminars to connect students, alumni and corporate partners of the university. Two of those events are the Company Speed Dating and the Reverse Career Fair, which already took place this year. Both introduce students to the corporate world who to enhance a professional network. We talked to three participants of Company Speed Dating and collected some impressions.

For the second year in a row, the Company Speed Dating was held virtually. As the concept of speed dating promises, the event was split into short talking sessions of about ten minutes each, during which the top ten percent of TUM School of Management’s bachelor students had the opportunity to meet quite a few of the association’s corporate partners online. As the event was only accessible to the best students in the program, it was also an appreciation of the participants’ personal study efforts.

Michaela Vetter, who is currently studying in her fourth semester of the Bachelor’s program in Management and Technology, was among the selected students – and very pleased with the responses she got during the course of the event: “For me, the Company Speed Dating was definitely a highlight among the TUM events and in my course of studies so far. I really enjoyed seeing how much interest companies have in TUM BWL graduates and it was also a very nice confirmation of my study performance,” says Michaela.

Due to the time constraints, the talks primarily served to get to know each other and exchange the most important information, as well as initial insights into the companies. The ultimate goal was to evaluate whether there was interest in a future collaboration. From the first impressions gained during the Company Speed Dating, the participants were able to decide if they wanted to stay in touch and establish a business relationship.

It was a concept that worked: for the students, the event was a great chance to connect with companies in a casual atmosphere, rather than a strict job interview, but still make contact on a professional level. In the end, that approach resulted in quite some job offers: “The Company Speed Dating helped me to get some good connections to relevant companies, which will be very helpful once I start working. All in all, the conversations I had were very helpful and friendly. I even got some actual offers from companies. Now, if I need a job in the industry, I can simply reach out,” sums up TUM student Simon Jarz. His fellow student Anna-Maria Geist, who is in her fourth semester of the Bachelor’s program, also wants to keep in touch with the people she met: “Since I received contact details from all the company representatives I talked to, I definitely see the potential of collaborating with them in the form of internships, working student positions and more,” says Anna-Maria.

Altogether, the Company Speed Dating turned out to be a win-win situation for all participating students and company representatives alike. “I am convinced that the Company Speed Dating will help me get ahead: At the end of the conversations, contact details were exchanged, so you can get in touch again when the time comes”, Michaela Vetter sums up. In any case, the event helped the students get a headstart in the industry and expand their business network with people who share the same interests and provide valuable expertise. An important factor for advancing their careers.

The network of the TUM School of Management Alumni e.V. offers plenty of opportunities to take the right steps before and after graduation. It welcomes all graduates and current students of the program and cooperates with corporate partners on an international level. The Company Speed Dating is just one of many career events, networking events, expert talks and discussions to network, make friends and build business partnerships for the future. The Alumni Association is happy to welcome new members anytime. The membership is free for registered students. Join the Alumni Association and profit from the benefits!