Five Reasons to Join the TUM Management Alumni e.V.

How does networking work when you are supposed to avoid contacts? What does an alumni association do when members can’t meet? Can the association help connect students and companies even in a global pandemic? In 2020, the TUM Management Alumni e.V., like so many others, faced major challenges. Now, at the end of the year, it shows: The team behind the official alumni association of the TUM School of Management has successfully implemented many measures and we can look back on a year full of exciting virtual events, many networking opportunities and impressive stories from our members. In a short review, we have summarized the highlights and why it is worthwhile to be a member of the TUM Management Alumni e.V. in five points.

1. Boost your network
A large network is often a real boost for the career. The TUM Management Alumni e.V. offers a great source of contacts – and the network continues to grow as membership increases. In 2020, we recorded a rise of almost 20 percent. On one hand, new members are convinced to profit from the benefits of a strong network and on the other hand our members remain loyal to the association well beyond their student years. It is especially this diversity of different ages and seniority levels that brings fruitful exchange and has already led to many collaborations.

The TUM Management Alumni e.V. is a bridge between members and the corporate world. This is why our corporate partners mean a lot to us and why we have even intensified our relationships throughout the year. Even though many companies had set a hiring freeze, many still attended our career events, still interested in our young talents. Good ties to the business world have proven to boost students‘ career opportunities – especially in uncertain times. Even in 2020, there has been a great interest in our graduates.

2. Get in touch with the leaders of tomorrow
Connecting with members who are already a career step ahead can provide guidance. Sometimes it helps to see someone chasing their goals to kickstart your own motivation. This year, we presented some of these role models in our AlumniTuesday. They started their professional lives in very different ways, but each one of them can be seen as a role model in chasing their dreams and working for a career they truly believe in. Just to name a few: Christoph Krinner took over the Krinner family enterprise and has already changed the corporate culture. Fabian Braitsch founded a company that combines healthy nutrition and sustainability and is selling products made from hemp seeds with his company Hempions. Ruth-Maria Wanninger spent her last year developing a business model for the social startup Techdalo which aims at connecting students and companies in the IT sector in Colombia, and thus, helps young people in achieving social advancement. The wide range of our articles shows the opportunities you have when planning your career. Additionally, you can find role models at the board of TUM Management Alumni e.V.. The newest board member is Silja Wöhrle, who as head of moderation at the TUM Speakers Series has interviewed several important personalities from politics and business and has recently represented the TUM School of Management at the Dies Academicus. And since she is currently in the final stages of her master’s degree, she is the perfect match for building the bridge between students and the economy.

3. Be part of our exclusive events
After only two face-to-face events at the beginning of the year, the TUM Management Alumni e.V. had to reschedule all following gatherings. Due to the corona crisis, the online event rate has increased to about 90%; over the course of this year, there were a total of 28 virtual events. After completing the first ones, it became clear that there are some upsides, too. The TUM Management Alumni e.V. has managed to transform the events into virtual formats, that in some cases even show a higher efficiency. For the association, this was also a big step toward digital transformation. A major advantage arises for our members who do not live in Munich or Heilbronn. They can now easily attend an event without traveling and therefore having to plan in advance. The team has already decided: The end of the pandemic should not mean the end of the virtual formats. A good solution could be hybrid events. The aim is to create a good balance between live and online formats.

4. Kickstart your career
If you want to advance your career, the TUM Management Alumni e.V. is ideally suited. In addition to the aforementioned network, the association offers many career events where students can get in touch with companies and become aware of opportunities. Many possibilities also lead to questions. Which career path should I take? When do I need to commit? What are the next steps? This is another area where you can profit from the association’s network. Many older members are happy to help and advice graduates. Often, all it takes is one phone call.

5. Improve your personality
2020 has shown: To be a successful person, it needs more than a stable career and a blooming network. When times are getting harder, you should also focus on your wellbeing. Because only if you are doing well, can you achieve great goals. The TUM Management Alumni e.V. has implemented Design Your Life workshops and yoga sessions in order for members to stay healthy and productive even while staying at home. Also, something that is always fruitful is working on soft skills – especially presenting and speaking in front of a group of people. The start-up vCoach offers a web-based communication training that uses AI and expert review to evaluate the user’s presentation technique. As a member of the TUM Management Alumni e.V. you’re entitled to a 15 percent discount on the training of vCOACH.

This was 2020! We wish you great holidays, lots of time to recharge and are excited to start 2021 with you with great events and interesting formats. Check our website to sign up now.