The TUM Management Alumni e.V. is pleased to announce the appointment of its new Director, Ms. Tina Schüßler. With her extensive background in various sectors, she is set to bring a fresh perspective and valuable expertise to the Alumni club. Ms. Schüßler’s career has spanned 8 years of hotel and event management in Spain, as well as significant experience in product and project management in the telecommunication industry.

„I am excited to take on this role and look forward to inspiring exchanges, strong partnerships and especially to new, personal bonds with students, alumni and partners.” says Ms. Schüßler. “Anticipation is high for the upcoming 40th-anniversary celebration of TUM Management Alumni e.V. in 2024, with special events and benefits. As the association adapts and expands, our vision remains to support both TUM School of Management students and alumni throughout their academic journeys and professional careers.“

TUM Management Alumni e.V. serves as a unifying platform for alumni of the TUM School of Management, current students, and corporate partners. In addition to fostering a vibrant network, the alumni club is committed to promoting education, training, science, and research. The relationships forged during your studies and through the Alumni Club can evolve into lifelong friendships and career advancements, proving equally vital alongside one’s professional achievements. To facilitate this, the Alumni Club hosts a wide range of events and seminars, providing members with opportunities to meet, network, and collaborate.

One of the highly anticipated events enjoyed by alumni, students, and corporate partners is the Company Speed Dating, held regularly. Additionally, the Alumni Club keeps its members informed through a weekly newsletter and a job board, ensuring that they stay connected and updated. For further details about TUM Management Alumni e.V., please visit this link.