In this 4-hour workshop participants learn by means of practical exercises to communicate effectively with stories – with Storyteller Silvia Angel

Your story at the summer celebration, wow! It’s been half a year and honestly I can’t remember much of the other start-Up pitches, but the pictures of your story are still stuck in my head, as if you told it yesterday!’ As I was approached like that during the Christmas Social Business Meetup Munich 2018, with cookies and glühwein in my hands, I had to smile. It was a beautiful reminder of the magic of storytelling – Silvia Angel

Whether for networking, a pitch or a conversation with a (potential) customer – as freelancers and entrepreneurs, we find ourselves again and again in situations, in which we need to tell others about ourselves, what we are doing and for what reasons we are doing what we are doing. On average German start-ups deliver a pitch every second working day, most often sales pitches.

Stories help to convey concepts in a tangible and entertaining manner. With the right tools dry reports turn into vivid and compelling tales. Thus curiosity and attention of listeners increase and the stories told are well remembered.

How can you learn this and what is happening in the workshop?

Everyone can learn storytelling, but it may need active training. Hence, practical exercises for oral storytelling are the core of this workshop. Each participant chooses a 5-minute story on his or her own business context to work on. Particularly, the following storytelling tools are practiced interactively within smaller groups:

The plot of the story
The scenery of the story
The emotional development within the story

Over the course of the workshop all participants have the opportunity to test the effect of their storytelling and get feedback of the group and the trainer.

The practical exercises are complemented by theoretical basics of storytelling.

Who is leading the workshop?

As a professional freelance storyteller Silvia Angel performs on bigger and smaller stages, offers workshops and coaching in that field, and uses stories to spark impulses for change. She started storytelling in 2012 with an artistic storytelling training at the International School of Storytelling in England. 2019 she complemented her training with a certificate for Professional Storytelling in Business from the University of Media in Stuttgart, Germany. Today, she is passionate about pairing creative arts and entrepreneurship.

More information about Silvia Angel can be found at LinkedIn.

How to participate?

Number of participants: at least 6 – max. 8 people
Price: 85,- € per person
Booking: Write an email including your billing address to Silvia Angel:

Stories don’t need facts to be impactful. Facts though need stories to make sense. – Per Granvist